Essential Components For Web Design

Web Design That Works

There is a huge world of difference between a web design that just looks good and another that is constructed to perform online on all devices as well as in search, Google etc.

The frightening thing is that the two websites can actually look identical to the business owner who has just commissioned them, so its difficult to tell if you have spent your money wisely or wasted it.

Google Friendly

Google friendly is an umbrella term used to cover the attributes of web design that relate to the ability to rank well in search as well as to work well for visitors and users.

These attributes include fast load speed, often slowed by the use of uncompressed images, not gzipping the site, not using a CDN (Content Delivery Network), using old fashioned coding that uses much more code than HTML5, use of Flash, duplicate content, low quality content, etc.

If your website has any underperforming attributes then you won’t have the potential to rank well. Get your site fighting fit and ready to rank with a website audit from who will analyse every metric of your web design & highlight the improvements designed, so you can climb online in SERPs and receive the traffic your deserve.

Mobile compatability is very important, over 50% of all Google searches are carried out on tablets and phones meaning that if your site is excluded from Google for mobile devices then you are missing out on over half of your potential traffic. This is a common issue affecting millions of websites. Find out more about mobile compatability here.

Even if your web design is mobile compatable, little errors such as having hyperlinks that are too close together for touch screen devices then you will drop down in search. Learn how to optimize your site here at & your site will be fit to perform online.

The only way you can be sure that you are buying a website that will work for you is to buy from a reputable web design company that understands SEO and how Google works.