Why Choose Wooden Shutters

Choose Window Shutters

Window shutters are the latest big thing in interior design offering a stylish solution as an alternative to curtains or blinds or working with them to create a beautiful look with infinite lighting options.

Shutters are great for several reasons, they offer added security, reduce heat loss, light control and give a great appearance to boot.

Shutters need to be installed properly however otherwise they will not look as good as they can do. Cheap shutters are available from many DIY stores but if you are not a professional installer it is easy to make your shutters look amateurish.

The critical factor is to buy made-to-measure high quality window shutters. Manufactured in either hardwood, MDF, or even aluminium, the best quality shutters will look good for years to come.

Off-the-shelf shutters look like off-the-shelf shutters as no window frame is the same and the plastering & finish around windows is very rarely true and square.

A professional shutter installer can work with your existing window shape and layout to make sure your shutters fit perfectly and are in line with each other and your room.

It is well worth the additional expense.

Shutters come in a variety of finishes and paint colours.

The world is your oyster as far as customising your window shutters to suit your own personal styling tastes. Anything you can imagine it can be manufactured and installed.

Internal window shutters offer you great flexibility, security and style and will serve you perfectly for many years.

Choose window shutters in the comfort of your own home so that the starring designer shutter is tailored Space to your needs and fit for purpose.

Shutters can even be fitted with blackout blinds which are ideal for bedrooms, cinema rooms or other places where you require absolute darkness during daylight hours.

Essential Components For Web Design

Web Design That Works

There is a huge world of difference between a web design that just looks good and another that is constructed to perform online on all devices as well as in search, Google etc.

The frightening thing is that the two websites can actually look identical to the business owner who has just commissioned them, so its difficult to tell if you have spent your money wisely or wasted it.

Google Friendly

Google friendly is an umbrella term used to cover the attributes of web design that relate to the ability to rank well in search as well as to work well for Continue reading “Essential Components For Web Design”

Motorists And The Phone

Motorists And The Phone

The anticipated sales of various smart phone models in the UK for 2016 is expected to be 24 million hand-sets, up from 23.7 million in the year before. The predicted figure for 2018 is 25 million. The figures suggest that the population is saturated with them.

Comparing the figures with the number of drivers in the country, and the probability is that almost all drivers have a phone, and more than likely, a smart phone.

In all probability, true figures could never be established, as to how many drivers have used a phone whilst behind the wheel. Those that have used it a spare once or twice over the years, or those habitual Continue reading “Motorists And The Phone”