Bedfordshire Networking

How To Network in Bedford

There are several important components to networking successfully. Firstly, you need to choose your networking groups and events wisely.

Not all groups are structured to give you the benefit. Many are designed to help themselves rather than their members or visitors.

If you want to build your business as quickly as possible by networking, then a group that passes good quality referrals to you is essential.

Some groups have systems in place that require members to give introductions and referrals weekly, or at every meeting. This can be counter productive, because you will end up receiving less that ideal business leads, that waste your time rather than turning into new business for you.

Rather than being forced to pass referrals between members, it is better to recieve quality referrals that are pre qualified.

By building relationships with your fellow members you will become their trusted partner and as such they will recommend you to their friends and business associates.

There are only a few tasks you need to follow to succeed networking;

  1. Get to know your fellow members
  2. Try to find new business opportunities for them
  3. Ask for specific introductions
  4. Be consistent, turn up regularly

If you follow those rules then you will generate new business leads and find new customers by networking.


In Bedford there are several networking groups. Some meet monthly, quarterly and a few every fortnight, but there aren’t many large groups that meet weekly.

The largest and most successful weekly networking event in Bedford is The ROOM. The group meets every Tuesday morning at Bedfordshire Golf Club in Stagsden at 6.45am for a full English breakfast. The meeting is finished at 8.40am.

The ROOMIf you are serious about building your business, The ROOM is the place to be. Places are limited, so that only one business represents each sector, so there is now competition in The ROOM.

If your business niche isn’t represented, then the next step is to attend a meeting as a visitor and see for yourself how a group of 30 local business people can help your business to thrive.